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At Race Ahead Training, we recognise the importance of having real conversations with businesses and individuals to discover the value they bring to our programmes, by acknowledging that everyone has something to offer and that it is our job to uncover these invaluable qualities.

We strive to make a meaningful connection between our programmes and those we work with and believe that by having meaningful conversations, we can cultivate a better understanding of the unique contributions that each individual and business can make.

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Why Choose Us?

We strive to ensure that everyone feels heard and understood, so that our programmes can reach their full potential.

We are dedicated to creating an environment where everyone is recognised for their value and contributions, and by recognising that everyone is an important part of the success of our programmes, and it is our job to ensure that everyone feels appreciated and valued.

We work with your to understand everything: your business, its culture, and where you want to go. That way, we can shape a robust programme, manage the start, and measure your programme's impact as it evolves.

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Suzanne C - West Sussex

Since moving over to Race Ahead Training, we have seen a vast improvement in our apprentice's knowledge, which is seen in daily practice. The support provided by the skills assessor is excellent, always available and attends the nursery regularly, our apprentices feel 100% supported. Race Ahead tailors the learning to individual apprentices and the needs of the nursery, having this bespoke learning has made a tremendous difference to the skills and abilities of our apprentices.

August 30, 2023
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